Best Deer Hunting Caliber

Best Deer Hunting Caliber

If you’re getting started as a deer hunter, you need to understand weapons and calibers. In fact, caliber is one of the most important considerations

How Deer See Tigers

How Deer See Tigers

It is no secret that deer perceive the world differently because of the unique limitations of their vision. After all, hunters wearing bright orange can

Irish Elk vs Moose

Irish Elk vs Moose Comparison

Imagine you are on a nature trail and you come across a large deer-like animal with large antlers peacefully grazing. Chances are, you have come

Deer Shot Placement Chart

Deer Shot Placement Chart

Shooting a deer the wrong way can cause undue pain and suffering to the animal, and it may mean you spend a long time tracking

How to Gut Deer

How to Gut a Deer

When you hunt deer and take down one of these animals, you must gut it as a part of the field dressing process. That is

How to Quarter a Deer

How to Quarter a Deer

Immediate field dressing is an essential part of deer hunting. It’s how to keep your venison safe and free of dangerous bacteria. But what about

Moose Population By State

Moose Population By State

The moose is a North American icon. They’re practically synonymous with northern parts of Canada, as well as Alaska and even Maine. These aren’t the

What Does CWD Look Like In Deer Meat

What Does CWD Look Like in Deer Meat?

If there’s one deer disease that concerns most hunters, it’s CWD (chronic wasting disease). Also known as “zombie deer disease,” this is an alarming condition

Bornean Yellow Muntjac

Bornean Yellow Muntjac

Introduction to the Bornean Yellow Muntjac Have you ever heard of the Bornean Yellow Muntjac? It’s a fascinating deer species that calls the dense rainforests

Female Moose with Calf

What is a Female Moose Called?

An Introduction to the Female Moose A female moose is called a cow. You might have crossed paths with this majestic creature while hiking through

Deer Parasites

A Complete Guide to Deer Parasites

Like other mammals in the wild, whitetail deer are ideal hosts for parasites and the diseases they may cause. Deer can contract these parasites from

Illustration showing a serene forest setting with a group of deer at various stages of rest. Some deer are dozing while standing, indicating how certain species may rest without fully lying down. Other deer are laying down curled up in a meadow, showing a more resting phase. The surrounding nature scene is tranquil with trees, foliage, and small atmospheric details like butterflies or fireflies. Make sure no humans, text, brand names or logos are present in the image.

How Long Do Deer Sleep Per Day?

Deer Sleep Patterns Explored When it comes to understanding the resting habits of wildlife, particularly deer, there is a fascinating world just waiting to be

Can a 22 Kill a Deer

Can a 22 Kill a Deer?

A .22 cartridge is one of the smallest on the market. Because of its size and strength, it’s a practical choice for farmers or ranchers

Calamian Deer

Calamian Deer

The Calamian Deer: A Treasure of the Philippine Islands If you’re curious about the Calamian deer, you’ve come to the right place. This unique species,

Deer Bones

Deer Bones and Skeletal System

Like humans, deer have bones and a skeletal system. Many of their bones are similar to human bones, but there are some key differences. And

Irish Elk

Irish Elk

Known worldwide for their incredible antlers, Irish elk are an extinct species that still holds a lot of fame because of their incredible size and

Deer Anatomy

Deer Anatomy and Organ Guide

Want to be a deer hunter? You’ve got to understand deer anatomy. Understanding this animal’s anatomy will help you kill a deer with a clean

Do Deer Eat Geraniums

Do Deer Eat Geraniums?

As herbivores, deer eat a wide variety of plants and flowers. If you’re like most homeowners, you like planting beautiful flowers in your garden. But

Do Deer Eat Lavender

Do Deer Eat Lavender?

Lavender is a great herb for brightening up your garden. It smells fresh, is easy to grow, and has many uses. But if you grow

Best Time to Hunt Deer

Best Time to Hunt Deer

There’s a lot to learn if you’re new to deer hunting. Since it’s technically possible to spot deer at any time of day, maybe you’re

Mule Deer Population By State

Mule Deer Population By State

Mule deer are one of the most common species of deer in North America. They live primarily on the western side of the Rocky Mountains

Do Deer Eat Hostas

Do Deer Eat Hostas?

The large, beautiful leaves and the mild scent of their summer blooms make Hosta attractive and irresistible to gardeners. Homeowners with a green thumb love

Do Deer Eat Tomatoes

Do Deer Eat Tomatoes?

Tomato growers with deer populations in the area should know that these animals will be tempted to help themselves to a meal. You should be

Do Deer Eat Cucumbers

Do Deer Eat Cucumbers?

Most of us love cucumbers because of their delicious taste and nutritional benefits. Maybe you even grow cucumbers in your vegetable garden. If there are

Roe Deer vs Red Deer

Roe Deer vs Red Deer Comparison

While there are significant similarities between the various deer species, there are a few differences that can help you distinguish them. Roe Deer and Red

Mange on Deer

About Mange on Deer

Most of us have heard the expression “a mangy dog,” but we don’t usually think of mange as something that affects deer. But it certainly

Do Deer Eat Pansies

Do Deer Eat Pansies?

Pansies are a delightful addition to any garden. But if you live in an area with white-tailed deer, then you’re surely asking if your precious

Do Deer Get Lyme Disease

Do Deer Get Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is one of the most common diseases spread by ticks. Since ticks will feed on any warm- blooded animal and the deer tick

How Many Deer Per Acre

How Many Deer Per Acre?

Whether you’re a deer farmer or a hunter, you’ve got to understand the concept of deer density (population per acre). Deer population density affects many

Do Deer Whistles Work

Do Deer Whistles Work?

There are approximately 30 million deer, including whitetail deer, moose, and elk, in the United States. With such an enormous cervid population, the risk of

Do Deer Eat Birds

Do Deer Eat Birds?

Deer are known for being friendly, peaceful herbivores, which means they only eat vegetation and never meat. While this is accurate for the most part,

Do Deer Eat Dahlias

Do Deer Eat Dahlias?

Dahlias are beautiful flowers and they’re easy to grow, making them one of the most popular plants for home gardeners. If you live in an

Can Deer Eat Grapes

Can Deer Eat Grapes?

Do you have grape vines on your property and deer have been raiding them? Or maybe you want to offer some treats to the deer

Deer Hunting Checklist

Deer Hunting Checklist

In one way, deer hunting is like any other activity or sport: you’ve got to have the right gear. A good deer hunting checklist will

How to Track Deer

How to Track Deer

Tracking deer is essential for hunting, but you might be interested in tracking deer for other reasons. Enthusiasts, photographers, and ordinary nature lovers enjoy seeing

When Do Fawns Lose Their Spots

When Do Fawns Lose Their Spots?

Baby deer are called fawns. They’re easily recognizable not only because of their size but also their white spots. These spots help fawns better camouflage

Tarsal Glands Deer

Tarsal Glands on Deer

Whitetail deer have several different kinds of glands, with each having its own purpose. The tarsal glands mean that each individual deer has its own

Elk Population By State

Elk Population By State

Elk are one of the most well-known and popular species of deer in the world. Sometimes referred to as the wapiti or red deer (which

Do Deer Eat Marigolds

Do Deer Eat Marigolds?

The cheerful color and look of marigolds make them popular garden additions. But if you live in an area with a large deer population, you’ve

Key Deer

Key Deer

Key deer are a subspecies of whitetail deer. They can only be found in the Florida Keys, which is where they got their name. Keep

Red Deer vs Elk

Red Deer vs Elk Comparison

With so many different types of deer on the planet, it’s hard to keep them all straight. Just one point of confusion is how to

Do Deer Hibernate

Do Deer Hibernate?

Most of us know that some animals (such as the North American black bear) hunker down to sleep through the cold winter months. This is

What is a Button Buck

What is a Button Buck?

There are lots of terms to learn about when you start out as a deer hunter. One of these is “button buck.” So, what is

How Far Can Deer See

How Far Can Deer See?

Understanding deer eyesight and vision is essential for hunters, deer enthusiasts, and anyone who’s interested in these majestic animals. One of the most common questions

EHD in Deer

EHD in Deer

Have you ever been out hunting or on a nature walk and come across a pair of antlers floating in the water, quickly realizing that

Moose vs Caribou

Moose vs Caribou Comparison

At first glance, there are some similarities between the moose and the caribou. They’re both large species of deer. They also have some similar features

Deer Diseases

Deer Diseases: A Comprehensive List

Whether you’re a wildlife biologist, hunter, or simply concerned about the deer bedding down in your backyard, you should know about the diseases that cervids

Do Deer Move in the Rain

Do Deer Move in the Rain?

Deer move around for a variety of reasons. After all, they’ve got to find food and safe areas to rest and sleep. They also move

Do Deer Eat Pumpkins

Do Deer Eat Pumpkins?

Whether you grow your own pumpkins and have a thief nibbling on your crop, or your family jack-o-lantern is missing part of his head, it’s

When Are Deer Most Active

When Are Deer Most Active?

Every hunter needs to know when deer move around, eat, and engage in the most activity. If you’re out hunting, you’re more likely to be

Do Deer Eat Mums

Do Deer Eat Mums?

If you have a garden and there are deer in the area, you’ve got to know how to protect your flowers. After all, deer are

Why Do Deer Stomp

Why Do Deer Stomp Their Feet?

Like other kinds of animals, deer have their own methods of non-verbal communication. The way that deer move, stand, and behave is their way of

Tracking Deer

Tracking Deer (in-depth guide)

Deer tracking is an indispensable skill for deer hunters and nature enthusiasts (including photographers) eager to catch a glimpse of one of these animals. But

Can Deer See Orange

Can Deer See Orange?

Talk to a hundred hunters and you’ll probably get a hundred different answers about what colors deer can see. Some will tell you that deer

Drop Tine Deer

What is a Drop Tine Deer?

Deer hunters are always looking for prize animals that they can take down. And an exceptional or unusual antler rack is always a bonus. But

Can Deer Eat Bread

Can Deer Eat Bread?

During the winter, it’s hard for deer to find food, so deer lovers like to help them out by leaving food in their backyard or

Coues Deer

Coues Deer

Ever been to a state park in the American Southwest or Mexico? If so, maybe you’ve seen a Coues deer. They’re a subspecies of the

Leucistic Deer

Leucistic Deer

You’ve probably never seen one yourself, but maybe you have heard legends about white deer. Is the white deer an albino deer? In most cases,

Deer Farming

Deer Farming

Deer aren’t usually the animals that come to mind when we think about farms and farming. Yet agriculture in the United States and around the

When Do Deer Shed Their Antlers

When Do Deer Shed Their Antlers?

Unlike horns, antlers fall off and regrow every year. That’s why every buck (male deer) sheds its antlers once annually. Antler shedding and regrowth are

Are Deer Smart

Are Deer Smart?

Many deer hunters, especially beginners in the sport, are struck by how smart their prey seems to be. Cervids, including white-tailed deer, can be remarkably

Deer Antler Uses

Deer Antler Uses & Ideas

Deer antlers aren’t just for hanging on the wall. Maybe you already knew that animals like squirrels and mice find ways to use antlers, but

Do Reindeer Have Red Noses

Do Reindeer Have Red Noses?

We’ve all heard of Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer. You know, that reindeer with a shiny, glowing red nose that guides Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Do Deer Eat Petunias

Do Deer Eat Petunias?

There’s a good reason petunias are so popular. These colorful and fragrant flowers are a great addition to any garden. But if you live in

Do Deer Eat Daffodils

Do Deer Eat Daffodils?

Gardening gets tricky when you live in an area with a deer population. After all, cervids (deer) find many garden plants and flowers quite a

Deer Teeth

Deer Teeth

An animal’s teeth are one of the most useful tools for identifying its age. Teeth give invaluable insight into what the creature ate while it

What Flowers Do Deer Not Eat

What Flowers Do Deer Not Eat?

Do you live in an area with a deer population? It’s certainly not unusual for deer to venture onto private property to munch on plants

What State Has The Biggest Deer

What State Has The Biggest Deer?

If you’re a deer hunter and you’ve had success, you’re probably ready to progress to larger bucks. But your region may not have trophy deer.

Elk vs Moose

Elk vs Moose Comparison

The moose and the North American elk (Wapiti) have similarities. After all, they’re both large Cervids. Yet there are many differences between these two animals.

Do Deer Eat Hay

Do Deer Eat Hay?

Deer are known for eating just about anything. After all, a deer’s diet is extremely diverse, and it can vary season-to-season to support varied nutritional

Do Black Bears Eat Deer

Do Black Bears Eat Deer?

Black bears and whitetail deer are two of the most common wild animals in North America, found in many regions all over the continent. As



Like the white-tailed deer, the North American Elk (also known as the Wapiti) is a cervid. In fact, it’s the second-largest species in the deer

Melanistic Deer

Melanistic Deer

We can usually recognize deer by their distinctive brownish color, including variations such as spots and discolorations that help them camouflage and blend into their

Deer Resistant Perennials

Deer Resistant Perennials

If there are deer in the area and you have a garden, these animals will probably invade your property at some point. There’s nothing worse

Do Wolves Eat Deer

Do Wolves Eat Deer?

Humans are actually the #1 predator of deer on the planet, but we’re just one of the many animals that prey on deer. Do wolves

Best Food Plot for Deer

Best Food Plot for Deer

If you’re getting started with hunting, feeding deer probably hadn’t occurred to you as a strategy. But planting food for your prey can be a

When to Rattle for Bucks

When to Rattle for Bucks

Deer hunters often rattle a pair of shed antlers together to mimic the sound of two bucks (male deer) fighting during the rut. This attracts

Deer Resistant Annuals

Deer Resistant Annuals

There’s nothing worse than putting a lot of time and effort into your garden, just to have it devoured by deer. Do you live in

Do Deer Eat Grass

Do Deer Eat Grass?

Maybe you assume that grass must be one of the white-tailed deer’s favorite foods. Maybe these cervids even munch on your lawn. But that isn’t

Brow Tine Deer

What is a Brow Tine Deer?

There are a number of different types of deer out there, and the terminology used to reference different deer, even among animals in the same

Plural of Deer

What’s the Plural of Deer?

Whether you’re learning to speak English or are a native speaker, the word “deer” can be confusing. What’s the plural of deer? Well, the answer

Do Deer Have Whiskers

Do Deer Have Whiskers?

Deer have plenty of features that help them survive in the wild. These features differ from one species to the next, and vary by age

How to Find Deer Bedding Areas

How to Find Deer Bedding Areas

Efficiently finding deer is one of the most important parts of hunting. There are many things to consider when searching for deer, and the best

Can Deer See in the Dark

Can Deer See in the Dark?

Since there isn’t much natural light during the night, it would make sense to think that deer can’t see very well when it’s dark. After

Do Fox Eat Deer

Do Fox Eat Deer?

If you’re unfamiliar with foxes and their abilities, maybe you wonder whether they ever prey on deer. After all, these opportunistic omnivores certainly enjoy meat

How Do Deer Sleep

How Do Deer Sleep?

With so many predators wanting to eat deer (including venison-loving hunters), you may well wonder how cervids are ever able to get sleep. How can

What is a Spike Buck

What Is A Spike Buck?

In the sport of hunting, one can often tell how old a male deer is based on the size and shape of his antlers. The

How Many Deer Are In a Herd

How Many Deer are in a Herd?

Deer behavior, including whether they live in herds, varies across species. Some are generally solitary creatures, others live in herds, and some form herds during

What Sound Does a Moose Make

What Sound Does a Moose Make?

Moose use a range of sounds to communicate with each other and signal to potential predators or threats to their young. These sounds vary in

Albino Deer

Albino Deer

An albino animal is a very rare sight to see, no matter the animal. Albino deer are no exception, and you should consider yourself very

Where do Deer Sleep at Night

Where Do Deer Sleep at Night?

Whether you’re a hunter, or are simply curious and want to know where do deer sleep at night, you might be surprised to learn that

Do Deer Move in the Wind

Do Deer Move in the Wind?

When preparing for hunting season, one topic that usually sparks debate amongst hunting enthusiasts is whether deer move in the wind. Most hunters would probably

Do Deer Migrate

Do Deer Migrate?

If whitetail deer are the only deer species you’ve ever seen, maybe you’re surprised to learn that other kinds of deer are migratory species. Do

Elk Bugle Sound

Elk Bugle Sound (listen)

If you’ve ever found yourself in elk territory between September and October, you might have been lucky enough to hear the thrilling sound of an

What Eats Deer

What Eats Deer? (predators)

Anyone who’s seen Bambi may already know that humans kill more deer than any wild animal does. However, we aren’t the only species that preys

Deer in Headlights Meaning

Deer in Headlights Meaning

Pretty much everyone has heard the expression “deer in headlights, “deer in the headlights,” or “deer caught in the headlights.” But what if you haven’t

What Sound Does a Deer Make

What Sound Does a Deer Make?

From the barking deer of Asia to the unmistakable bugle of a bull elk, deer make a variety of sounds. In this article, we’ll answer

Deer vs Moose

Deer vs Moose Comparison

If you see a Moose, you might think you’ve just found the world’s largest deer. And you’re technically right – moose are, in fact, part

How Fast Can Deer Run

How Fast Can Deer Run?

A deer isn’t as fast as a cheetah, but the way they run is fascinating, and they have impressive speeds. Deer primarily run to evade

Piebald Deer

Piebald Deer

If you live in an area populated with deer in North America, you are probably familiar with the appearance of White Tailed Deer. But the

Do Deer Antlers Grow Back

Do Deer Antlers Grow Back?

If you’ve ever seen a deer with enormous antlers, you may be shocked to learn that antlers are shed and grow back each and every

How do Deer Shed Antlers

How Do Deer Shed Antlers?

All deer shed their antlers as part of a natural process that corresponds to their reproductive cycle. Deer do not have to try to shed

How High Can a Deer Jump

How High Can a Deer Jump?

Deer are one of the most agile animals in the forest, and they’re able to run fast, jump high, and they even swim well. The

What Does Venison Taste Like

What Does Venison Taste Like?

While venison usually refers to deer meat, some people also use this term for meat from other kinds of animals, such as antelope (and antelope

How Long Do Deer Live

How Long Do Deer Live?

The lifespan of a deer can vary depending upon a variety of factors. A few of these factors include how hospitable the deer’s habitat is,

Why Do Deer Have Antlers

Why Do Deer Have Antlers?

We tend to assume that the only purpose antlers serve is to help male deer fight during the mating season. The truth, however, is more

Vampire Deer

Vampire Deer (all about them)

A Vampire Deer sounds like the stuff of legend, but Chinese Water Deer (and several other types of fanged deer, including the Siberian Musk Deer)

What is a Female Deer Called

What is a Female Deer Called?

There are several different names for each kind of deer – males, babies, and females. Where you are located, along with the species of deer

What is a Baby Deer Called

What is a Baby Deer Called?

An adult deer may be called by a different name depending on its gender, build, and the size of its species. For example, a small

Deer Symbolism

Deer Symbolism

Many animals have some symbolic meaning, either in dreams, history and mythology, culture, literature, film, or other cultural creations. Deer are certainly one of those

Can Deer Get Rabies

Can Deer Get Rabies?

Rabies is a terrifying and devastating disease. One of the reasons there is so much fear about it is that Rabies can affect any and

Do Deer Eat Tulips

Do Deer Eat Tulips?

Many different kinds of critter will raid your garden if they get the chance. It may surprise you, but one of those is quite large:

What is Zombie Deer Disease

What is Zombie Deer Disease?

It sounds a bit alarming, doesn’t it? While zombie deer disease is certainly dangerous to deer, it doesn’t actually turn them into zombies. Nevertheless, it

Do Deer Eat Roses

Do Deer Eat Roses?

Has something been munching at your roses? If so, maybe you are at a bit of a loss figuring out the culprit. If you live

Are Deer Herbivores

Are Deer Herbivores?

There have been some odd stories circulating lately of deer munching on meat. If you’ve come across them (or if you’re just curious about what

Can Deer Swim

Can Deer Swim?

For many people, there are few sights so odd as a deer swimming in the middle of a lake. You may wonder “Can deer swim?”

Do Deer Eat Peonies

Do Deer Eat Peonies?

Deer eat pretty much every kind of vegetation, and they are certainly fond of munching on garden flowers. If you have a garden and live



The moose (Alces alces) is a massively large member of the deer family that lives in the colder, northern climates. In North America, moose are

Muntjac Deer

Muntjac Deer

On this page we’ll share some information and facts about Muntjac Deer. You may know this type of deer by their other names, including “barking

When do Deer Give Birth

When Do Deer Give Birth?

There are over 90 different species in the deer family (Cervidae) located across all regions of the world. There will be some variation in the

Deer vs Elk

Deer vs Elk Comparison

There over 90 species that comprise the deer (Cervidae) family, a group of grazing ruminants that includes animals like moose, reindeer, elk, and white-tailed deer.

Do Deer Eat Apples

Do Deer Eat Apples?

Deer are one of the most recognized animals in North America. Most people have seen a whitetail deer, while hunters specifically will spend a lot

Why Do Deer Sleep in My Yard

Why Do Deer Sleep in My Yard?

Seeing deer is a common occurrence in modern suburban life. However, seeing one on the road is one thing, but why do deer sleep in

Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas

Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas?

Keeping your plants safe from pests and animals is a big concern if you have a garden or plan on building one. Especially if your

Deer vs Antelope

Deer vs Antelope Comparison

For many of us, deer and antelope are pretty much the same animals. Since they’re so often confused, many people assume that antelope are a

When is Deer Mating Season

When Is Deer Mating Season?

Deer reproduction is amongst the natural world’s most interesting cycles. For male deer especially, reproduction is the dominant force in a buck’s life. It occupies

Do Deer Eat Carrots

Do Deer Eat Carrots?

Whether you’re a gardener or a hunter, it’s important for you to understand what deer eat so you can use that to your benefit. Deer

Why do Deer Shed Their Antlers

Why Do Deer Shed Their Antlers?

Have you ever asked yourself “Why do deer shed their antlers and regrow them?” In this article we’ll explore the evolutionary and physiological reasons why

Do Deer Attack Humans

Do Deer Attack Humans?

Deer are known for their docile and gentle nature. When people hear the word deer, what comes to mind would probably be Bambi, from the Disney

Do Deer Mourn Their Dead

Do Deer Mourn Their Dead?

More than 70 years after its release, Bambi is still a ubiquitous movie. Even if you haven’t seen it, you’re likely aware of it. It’s

Caribou vs Reindeer

Caribou vs Reindeer Comparison

Imagine you are standing on a hill overlooking the Arctic tundra. One friend stands to one side, another friend stands on the other side. Your

Do Female Deer Have Antlers

Do Female Deer Have Antlers?

Have you ever wondered whether female deer have antlers? Maybe you’ve noticed that female deer don’t have antlers in the local species you’ve seen or

Antler vs Horn

Antler vs Horn Comparison

If you’re like most, then you probably aren’t too focused on animal anatomy and its terminology. But just like in humans, titles are important …

Are Deer Nocturnal

Are Deer Nocturnal?

If you’ve seen deer active at night, it’s a reasonable assumption that deer prefer to move and graze at night, but are deer nocturnal?

Mule Deer vs Whitetail

Mule Deer vs Whitetail Deer

If you’re a hunter or nature enthusiast in areas where there are deer, you are probably keen to find out the differences between mule deer

Where do Deer Go to Give Birth

Where Do Deer Go to Give Birth?

Depending on the position in the food chain, each creature is destined to follow a certain path of life. Whether that be prey or predator,

Where do Deer Go When it Rains

Where Do Deer Go When it Rains?

There are many questions that can be answered about deer by observing and understanding their behavior. One question hunters and others often ask is “Where

What Does a White Tailed Deer Eat

What Does a White Tailed Deer Eat?

If you’re a photographer or hunter on the lookout for white-tailed deer, one of the most important questions you’ve probably asked yourself is what does

Why Do Deer Run Into Cars

Why Do Deer Run into Cars?

Vehicle collisions with deer can be extremely dangerous, and not just for the animal. Drivers and passengers have been seriously injured and even killed in

Deer Gestation Period

Deer Gestation Period

The deer gestation period depends on its species. Other factors, such as season, can also play a part in how long deer carry their young

Deer Velvet Shedding

Deer Velvet Shedding

When it comes to deer antlers, the rut gets all the headlines. After all, this is the time when males literally bump heads to decide

Deer Skull Anatomy

Deer Skull Anatomy

On this page we’ll share information about deer skull anatomy, including the parts of a deer’s skull. Whether you’re interested in a skull as a

Deer Management Jobs

Deer Management Jobs

Unfortunately there are very few career opportunities for people who want to work with deer or with other related ungulates. The competition for what few

Deer Conservation

Deer Conservation

On this page we’ll discuss the importance of deer conservation efforts, and explain some of the different steps biologists and environmental groups are taking to

Endangered Deer Species

Endangered Deer Species

On this page we’ll share a list of endangered deer species and threatened deer around the globe. Deer become endangered and threatened for a variety

Deer as Pests

Deer as Pests

We often think about deer as being beautiful creatures and a reminder that we’re not as distant from the natural world — and what’s wild

Deer Tracks

Deer Tracks

Deer walk on their hooves. These have two separate halves or cleats. If the deer walks over snow, or across muddy or sandy ground then imprints of its hooves will be left in the ground: deer tracks!

Deer Antlers

Deer Antlers

Deer are the only animals to possess antlers. All species of deer have antlers in one form or another. Unlike horns, which are permanent structures, antlers are lost each year and regrown afresh.

How Do Deer Give Birth

How Do Deer Give Birth?

The life cycle of deer begins in the fall during the rutting season, with gestation occuring during the winter months and the arrival of fawns

Deer Mating Habits

Deer Mating Habits

In any discussion of deer mating habits, it’s important to note that different deer mate in different ways. But in general, most species of deer

Deer Digestive System

Deer Digestive System

The deer digestive system is unique and designed to digest food in stages, allowing ungulates to extract maximum nutrition from the forage they consume. In

Deer Taxonomy

Deer Taxonomy

All animals that have hooves are placed in a single order that is called the Ungulates. This is a Greek word, which means ‘with hooves’.



Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) are species of deer found at high latitudes and a number of longitudes around the world. They inhabit cool climates, and are

South Andean Deer

South Andean Deer

The South Andean Deer (Hippocamelus bisulcus) is a species of endangered deer native to the Andes mountain range in Argentina and Chile. Sometimes referred to

Taruca Deer

Taruca Deer

The Taruca Deer (Hippocamelus antisensis), or North Andean Deer, is a native of South America. It’s a mid-sized deer with a heavy body, and it

Marsh Deer

Marsh Deer

Marsh Deer (Blastocerus dichotomus) are the largest type of deer from South America. Though they originally thrived in tropical and subtropical environments in the rain

Southern Pudu

Southern Pudu

The Southern Pudu (Pudu puda) is one of two species of Pudu Deer native to South America. Their native range is across southern Chile and

Northern Pudu

Northern Pudu

The Northern Pudu (pudu mephistopheles) is the smallest type of deer in the world and typically weighs less than 13 pounds when mature. Learn more about this fascinating deer.

Brocket Deer

Brocket Deer

There are several different types of unique Brocket Deer which together fall under the genus Mazama. Found on the Yucatan Peninsula, Central and South America,

Pampas Deer

Pampas Deer

The Pampas Deer (Ozotoceros bezoarticus) inhabits the wet and grassy lowlands of its range in South America. This species is endangered due to a loss

White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) is the most vigorous and well-distributed wild ungulate in North America. Sometimes referred to as Virginia Deer or simply Whitetail, this

Mule Deer

Mule Deer

Named for their large, mule-like ears, Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus) are indigenous to western North America and can be grouped into two subspecies of black-tailed

Roe Deer

Roe Deer

A small but distinctive species, Capreolus capreolus (or the European Roe Deer) is sometimes referred to as the Western Roe Deer or simply “Roe.” You’ll

Persian Fallow Deer

Persian Fallow Deer

The Persian Fallow Deer (Dama mesopotamica), is a very rare middle-eastern deer. Today this deer has ranges in Iran and Israel. Sometimes, this deer is

Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer

The Fallow Deer (Dama dama) is a European native species of deer with an impressive rack of antlers (males) and striking appearance. Its name is

Pere David Deer

Pere David Deer

Native to the river valleys of China, the Pere David Deer (Elaphurus davidianus) is sometimes referred to as the Milu or the Elaphur.

Indian Hog Deer

Indian Hog Deer

The Indian Hog Deer (Cervus porcinus) is a stocky species of deer native to India that now lives in India, Pakistan, and southeastern Asia. It

Bawean Deer

Bawean Deer

The Bawean Deer (Hyelaphus kuhlii) is also commonly referred to as Kuhl’s Deer or the Bawean Hog Deer. This species is very threatened, and can

Axis Deer

Axis Deer

Understanding the Unique Characteristics of Axis Deer The Axis Deer, also known as Chital or Spotted Deer, is native to the Indian subcontinent (India, Nepal,

Indian Sambar Deer

Indian Sambar Deer

The Indian Sambar Deer (Rusa unicolor) is an impressive deer which is native to India, South China, and Souteastern Asia. Its impressive size and unique

Rusa Deer

Rusa Deer

The Javan Rusa Deer (Rusa timorensis), also known as the Sunda Sambar, is an impressive-looking species of deer native to the Indonesian isles and East

Sika Deer

Sika Deer

Cervus nippon or the Sika Deer is native to east Asia and is sometimes referred to as the Japanese Deer or the Spotted Deer. Years

Philippine Deer

Philippine Deer

The Philippine Deer (Rusa marianna) goes by several different names. You may have heard it referred to as the Philippine Sambar or the Philippine Brown

Eld's Deer

Eld’s Deer

Eld’s Deer (Panolia eldii) is a species that goes by many different names. These include Thamin Deer, Brow-Antlered Deer, and Cervus eldi. Though endangered, this

Red Deer

Red Deer

One of the largest deer species in the world, the Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) is a majestic animal that inhabits most of Europe, and Caucausus

Barasingha Deer

Barasingha Deer

The Barasingha deer (Rucervus Duvaucelii) is also called the swamp deer and it’s one of the most famed deer of the Indian subcontinent. You’ll find

Philippine Spotted Deer

Philippine Spotted Deer

The Philippine Spotted Deer — also called the Visayan Spotted Deer (Rusa alfredi) or Alfred’s Deer — is an endangered species endemic to the Philippine

White Lipped Deer

White Lipped Deer

White Lipped Deer (Cervus albirostris), also known as Thorold’s Deer, is a large and impressive species native to the Tibetan Plateau. The latin name, albirostris,

Tufted Deer

Tufted Deer

The Tufted Deer (Elaphodus cephalophus) is a species native to central China and Northeastern Myanmar. It is a small deer which earned its name from

Reeves Muntjac

Reeves Muntjac

The Reeves Muntjac (Muntiacus reevesi) is a common species of deer in southern China and Taiwan, though it has been brought to Japan and several

Indian Muntjac

Indian Muntjac

Indian Muntjac deer (Muntiacus muntjak) is native to Southeastern Asia. Also called the Southern Red Muntjac or Barking Deer, and is among the smallest deer

Fea's Muntjac

Fea’s Muntjac

A rare species of deer native to Thailand and Southern Myanmar, Fea’s Muntjac Deer (Muntiacus feae) is similar in appearance to the common Muntjac deer,

Chinese Water Deer

Chinese Water Deer

The Chinese water deer is a small deer of Asian origin, part of the Cervidae (order Artiodactyla) family. It can be found in the wild