Deer Antlers

Perhaps nothing is quite as unique to the deer species as their antlers. Grown and shed annually, this miraculous and impressive feature – prized by hunters around the world – helps bucks and stags compete for mates during the yearly rut.

Articles About Deer Antlers

An extension of the deer’s skull, each deer antler is a single, miraculous structure made of bone, cartilage, skin, nerves, blood vessels and fibrous tissue.

Antlers are shed and regrown every year, and are used as weapons, symbols of sexual prowess, and as tools to dig in the snow for food. 

Members of the Cervidae family (deer) are the only mammals that grow antlers, and the annual process of growing and shedding antlers is one of the most fascinating things about deer.

On this page we share some interesting articles that will help you learn more about deer antlers, the reasons why they are grown, how they harden during the gory velvet shedding process, and how antlers differ from horns.

Antler vs Horn

Antler vs Horn Comparison

If you’re like most, then you probably aren’t too focused on animal anatomy and its terminology. But just like in humans, titles are important … and it’s important to get them right. A common misuse

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Deer Antler Uses

Deer Antler Uses & Ideas

Deer antlers aren’t just for hanging on the wall. Maybe you already knew that animals like squirrels and mice find ways to use antlers, but did you know human beings can use them too? Let’s

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Deer Antlers

Deer Antlers

Deer are the only animals to possess antlers. All species of deer have antlers in one form or another. Unlike horns, which are permanent structures, antlers are lost each year and regrown afresh.

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Deer Velvet Shedding

Deer Velvet Shedding

When it comes to deer antlers, the rut gets all the headlines. After all, this is the time when males literally bump heads to decide who gets the female. However, while males enter the rut

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Do Deer Antlers Grow Back

Do Deer Antlers Grow Back?

If you’ve ever seen a deer with enormous antlers, you may be shocked to learn that antlers are shed and grow back each and every year of the animal’s life. Once a male deer is

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Do Female Deer Have Antlers

Do Female Deer Have Antlers?

Have you ever wondered whether female deer have antlers? Maybe you’ve noticed that female deer don’t have antlers in the local species you’ve seen or learned about, but what about the many other deer species

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How do Deer Shed Antlers

How Do Deer Shed Antlers?

All deer shed their antlers as part of a natural process that corresponds to their reproductive cycle. Deer do not have to try to shed their antlers – the antlers shed themselves. But how do

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Brow Tine Deer

What is a Brow Tine Deer?

There are a number of different types of deer out there, and the terminology used to reference different deer, even among animals in the same species can get confusing. Deer terminology goes beyond just different

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What is a Button Buck

What is a Button Buck?

There are lots of terms to learn about when you start out as a deer hunter. One of these is “button buck.” So, what is a button buck, and what differentiates it from other male

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Drop Tine Deer

What is a Drop Tine Deer?

Deer hunters are always looking for prize animals that they can take down. And an exceptional or unusual antler rack is always a bonus. But you’ve got to learn about your prey first. Some of

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What is a Spike Buck

What Is A Spike Buck?

In the sport of hunting, one can often tell how old a male deer is based on the size and shape of his antlers. The older a deer is, the larger and more twisted his

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When Do Deer Shed Their Antlers

When Do Deer Shed Their Antlers?

Unlike horns, antlers fall off and regrow every year. That’s why every buck (male deer) sheds its antlers once annually. Antler shedding and regrowth are impacted by several different factors, but they all relate back

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Why Do Deer Have Antlers

Why Do Deer Have Antlers?

We tend to assume that the only purpose antlers serve is to help male deer fight during the mating season. The truth, however, is more complicated. Why do deer have antlers? Deer antlers serve a

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Why do Deer Shed Their Antlers

Why Do Deer Shed Their Antlers?

Have you ever asked yourself “Why do deer shed their antlers and regrow them?” In this article we’ll explore the evolutionary and physiological reasons why deer shed their antlers, and explain the process from beginning

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