Best Place to See Moose in Maine

What’s the Best Place to See Moose in Maine?

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An enormous and majestic cervid species, moose are truly impressive animals to see in the wild. The best place to see them in the United States is in Maine. This state has the largest moose population anywhere in the lower 48 United States, and this animal is an integral part of its tourism industry. But what’s the best place to see Moose in Maine?

As you probably guessed, some spots are better than others for seeing moose up close and personal in Vacationland.

What’s the Best Place to See Moose in Maine? (Answered)

The Moosehead Lake area is the best place to see wild moose in Maine. It is well-known for frequent moose sightings and offers guided tours focused on finding wild moose. Captive Moose can be observed at the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, Maine.

Found in northern Maine, Moosehead Lake is the largest lake in the state. It’s picturesque year round.

The lake is named for its shape as well as the large number of moose in the area. The lake looks like a moose head when viewed from the sky.

The Moosehead Lake region offers moose-centered tours along with campgrounds and other natural activities.

Moose in The Moosehead Lake Region

As this is such a popular spot, it tends to get crowded. Tour spots fill up quickly, especially in the spring and summer (when moose are most active).

Moosehead Lake is the only area in Maine that has more moose than people!

You can help avoid the crowds by renting a private log cabin near the lake, so you can take your time with moose watching, hiking, and other natural activities.

Moosehead Lake offers moose safaris. These excursions are guided tours led by trained specialists to help increase your chances of seeing wild moose (while keeping you safe).

The lake also offers campgrounds along the shore of the lake, so you can get up close and personal with the wildlife. The lake is a popular fishing destination as well.

When you’re in moose territory, remember: safety first! Make yourself aware of the rules for keeping your distance from the animals.

Remember, these animals can be as dangerous (even lethal) as they are beautiful. It’s important to respect nature and give any wild animal plenty of space, observing from a distance.

Maine Moose Population Facts and Information

Moose are the largest antlered animal in North America. They can grow up to 10 feet tall and weigh three-quarters of a ton!

Males in their prime can grow antlers that measure up to six feet across, and the antlers themselves weigh hundreds of pounds.

Maine Moose Population Facts

They can be found all throughout North America, but their population is very concentrated in Maine.

At the moment, Maine’s moose population is estimated to be at 60,000-70,000, and it continues increasing each year.

A significant portion of Maine moose roam wild, but they also inhabit protected areas where moose hunting is prohibited.

Since the population is so large and continues growing, moose hunting is legal in Maine, but only outside of protected areas.

The early morning hours are the best time to see moose in the wild. The best time of year for seeing these animals is during mid-spring to late June.

They like to come out and feed on aquatic plants, leaves, and tree bark during these times, making it very easy to spot them.

While they aren’t as active at night, it is still important to keep an eye out for them, especially if you’re driving.

A moose encounter late at night can cause great damage to the vehicle, its passengers, and the moose itself.

Concentrated Moose Population Areas

It’s possible to spot moose all over Maine.

For example, there are plenty of roads and routes in Maine where moose are often seen. Examples are Route 11 and Lil Bay Road.

Slowly driving along these roads and keeping an eye out can help you spot moose. Just make sure you don’t get too close to the animals.

Moose on a Road

However, your chances of seeing moose get higher when you go to an area with a highly concentrated moose population.

Wildlife parks and protected conservation areas are usually the places in Maine with concentrated populations of moose.

The Maine Highlands and Aroostook County are two other places where there is an impressive moose population.

These areas are great for parking and moose watching for hours on end, and they offer spectacular natural views, too.

In the Maine Highlands, the moose population outnumbers the human population by three to one, primarily due to their Moosehead Lake attraction.

Aroostook County is large, and while residential there are vast swaths of wilderness, making it a picturesque spot for moose watching.

It’s the largest county in all of Maine, earning its nickname “The County” from locals. As it’s the most northern area of the state, it’s also known as “The Crown of Maine.”

Since moose prefer colder climates, they certainly enjoy this climate. It’s a prime location for moose watching.

What’s the Easiest Way to View Moose in Maine?

If you’re short on time during your visit to Maine and don’t mind seeing a captive moose, the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray is a good option. Pay the fee and you’re guaranteed to see a moose!

Maine Wildlife Park Logo

The park is home to over 30 species of Maine wildlife – animals that (for one reason or another) cannot be returned to their natural habitats.

Many of these animals were injured or orphaned, and the wildlife pros at the park rehabilitated and cared for them, providing a safe place for them to live.

It’s a great place to take children to learn about Moose and other local wildlife.

How To View Moose Responsibly?

When viewing Moose in the wild, the state of Maine and moose watching tours ask spectators and participants to take steps to view moose responsibly and safely.

Moose don’t usually look for trouble, but if they feel threatened or provoked, they can charge and be extremely dangerous.

How Close to a Moose Can I Be?

Their size and strength can be deadly if they are provoked. There have been instances in which moose have seriously injured and even killed people.

To view moose safely and responsibly, the most important thing is to keep your distance. You should stay at least 25 yards (75 feet) away.

This distance will give you enough time to get away if the moose charges, or use a large rock or tree for protection.

If you’re looking for moose from your vehicle, drive very slowly and carefully and look out for moose all around you. Motor accidents involving moose are quite common and can be not only costly, but dangerous.

Moose are certainly tall, but they will still freeze in headlights like just other kinds of deer. Their height can often mean they fall directly into your windshield if struck in a roadway.

If you spot a moose around you, stop your car and wait for them to pass.

Never chase after or provoke a moose, especially in the wild and especially during mating season, which is from late September to early October.

Moose bulls (male moose) are more aggressive during the fall when they’re searching for a mate.

As long as you stay away from them and keep quiet and calm when you’re around them, moose watching is an amazing experience.

Maine is an Excellent Place to Observe Moose

With so much natural beauty and a large moose population, Maine is a natural tourism destination for moose watching.

For wild moose, head to the Moosehead Lake region of Maine, and for a guaranteed chance to see a Moose up close, head to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, Maine.

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