Where to Shoot a Deer With an Arrow

Where to Shoot a Deer with an Arrow

Written By: Ian @ World Deer

Bowhunting is a sport for experienced hunters. It requires more skill than hunting with a shotgun. It also requires a lot more training. If you’re bowhunting, it’s important that you know what you’re doing. The most important thing to know is where to shoot a deer with an arrow. Keep reading to learn about that here.

As a hunter, your responsibility is to kill the animal as quickly and humanely as possible. Ideally, you want a shot that is going to kill the deer instantly. This prevents unnecessary suffering.

Here’s is an overview of what we will discuss here:

  • Bowhunting deer shot placement guide
  • Where to shoot a deer from different angles
  • How far can deer run after being shot with an arrow?
  • How close should you be when you shoot a deer with a crossbow?

Bowhunting Deer Shot Placement Guide

You always want to aim for the vital organs. The vital organs include the heart, lungs, and brain.

Brain shots are very difficult to master and almost impossible while bowhunting. It’s cruel to even attempt them.

A missed brain shot is just going to send the deer off running. If it hits the animal, it will probably end up in the jaw and will lead to a long and painful death.

Bowhunting Deer Guide

You should aim for the heart and lungs instead.

A double-lung shot is the best type of shot. Like humans, deer have two lungs.

If the arrow goes through both of them, the deer will probably die instantly. This is the least painful option for the deer.

To help you out, we’ve come up with this handy chart. This should help you visualize where you should be aiming.

To practice, you can get a target deer from your local hunting or sporting shop. This is better than a bulls-eye target because it gives you hands-on practice.

Regular archery practice can be helpful, too. It’s a simpler place to start out.

Archery requires focus and strength. Working out regularly and improving your physical fitness will improve your chances of a successful hunt.

Deer come in all sorts of sizes, so keep that in mind when practicing. You must also think about how to position yourself and achieve a viable angle.

Where to Shoot a Deer from Different Angles?

No matter what angle you are shooting from, you always want to shoot for the vital organs. These are the most sensitive parts of a deer’s body and are most likely to lead to a successful shot.

Most bowhunting experts consider the broadside angle the best angle for bowhunting.

A broadside angle is when the deer is perpendicular to the hunter. In other words, sideways.

Where to Shoot a Deer?

Your view of the deer’s anatomy is least obstructed when it’s directly in front of you. You’ll have a better idea of where the organs are located and be able to shoot with more confidence.

Look for the deer’s shoulder blade and aim about three inches behind it. Be aware of your position relative to the deer.

Are you aiming from above in a tree stand? Or are you on roughly equal ground?

Another preferred bowhunting angle is called “quartering away.” Quartering away is when the deer is facing the same direction as the hunter but looking over its shoulder to you.

This exposes the vital organs and is ideal for a double lung shot.

Quartering toward is when the deer is facing the hunter but turned away slightly. It is not preferred for bowhunting.

It is more difficult to make an ethical shot.

The straight-on or straight-away position is when the deer is facing the hunter. This is not an option for ethical hunters.

It is extremely difficult to get a good shot when the deer is facing you from this position.

If you aren’t sure about the angle, it’s probably best not to shoot. Try and snap a picture and ask a more experienced hunter so that you’ll know next time.

How Far Can Deer Run After Being Shot with an Arrow?

Deer do not always perish instantly on contact. Often an arrow can penetrate a deer without killing it.

However, the deer could perish from its injury after running off. If this is the case, you need to track the deer.

Hunters know it’s unethical to leave a deer’s body in the woods. You must retrieve it.

In the worst-case scenario, you’re leaving the deer there to suffer. There is a chance you will have to use another arrow to shoot the deer again.

Most deer won’t make it farther than 100 yards after they’ve been shot. In rare cases, however, deer may go further.

Make sure you’ve covered enough area to be sure that you aren’t leaving the deer behind. The problem is that you won’t always be able to tell which way the deer fled, and these animals don’t always run in straight lines.

If you’re hunting with a large group, send the team in different directions to cover the most ground in the least amount of time.

Knowing how to track deer is essential for bow hunters. You must be patient and follow through with the process.

How Close Should You Be When Bowhunting Deer?

Your distance from the deer depends on your archery skills. More experienced archers can hunt from further away than beginners.

Generally speaking, the closer the better. However, you’re not always going to be able to get close up.

How Close Should You Be When Bowhunting Deer?

The distance also depends on the angle from which you’re shooting.

If you’re up from above, it’s probably okay if the deer is farther away. The arrow will pick up some acceleration as it’s flying through the air.

The only way to know how far away you should be is to practice on 3D targets. This will give you an idea of your personal skill.

Strength is a huge factor in bowhunting. The stronger your arm muscles, the farther you’ll be able to shoot.

The important thing is not to shoot unless you’re fairly certain you can get a clean, ethical shot. If you totally miss the deer, it’s going to run away. The chances of finding it again that day are pretty much gone after that.

If you hit it and it goes running off without perishing, you’re going to have the same problem, except you’ll have an injured deer running about.

Be certain about your shot. The only way to achieve this is through practice.

Now You Know Where to Shoot a Deer With an Arrow

Bowhunting requires a lot more skill and knowledge than shooting with a rifle. You need an even better understanding of deer anatomy.

To sum things up, your goal should always be an ethical shot. This is true for bowhunting as well as regular hunting.

Where to Shoot a Deer With an Arrow?

In bowhunting, you need to be more certain about your shot. A good bow shot is one that goes clear through the deer and kills it on spot.

The easiest way to do this is to aim for the lungs and heart. A shot that goes through both lungs is the best option.

Practice with a 3D deer dummy so that you’re more likely to succeed when you’re on the hunt. Happy hunting!

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