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Deer Hunting Checklist

Deer Hunting Checklist

In one way, deer hunting is like any other activity or sport: you’ve got to have the right gear. A good deer hunting checklist will

How to Track Deer

How to Track Deer

Tracking deer is essential for hunting, but you might be interested in tracking deer for other reasons. Enthusiasts, photographers, and ordinary nature lovers enjoy seeing

Tarsal Glands Deer

Tarsal Glands on Deer

Whitetail deer have several different kinds of glands, with each having its own purpose. The tarsal glands mean that each individual deer has its own

What is a Button Buck

What is a Button Buck?

There are lots of terms to learn about when you start out as a deer hunter. One of these is “button buck.” So, what is

Do Deer Move in the Rain

Do Deer Move in the Rain?

Deer move around for a variety of reasons. After all, they’ve got to find food and safe areas to rest and sleep. They also move

When Are Deer Most Active

When Are Deer Most Active?

Every hunter needs to know when deer move around, eat, and engage in the most activity. If you’re out hunting, you’re more likely to be

Tracking Deer

Tracking Deer (in-depth guide)

Deer tracking is an indispensable skill for deer hunters and nature enthusiasts (including photographers) eager to catch a glimpse of one of these animals. But

Can Deer See Orange

Can Deer See Orange?

Talk to a hundred hunters and you’ll probably get a hundred different answers about what colors deer can see. Some will tell you that deer

What State Has The Biggest Deer

What State Has The Biggest Deer?

If you’re a deer hunter and you’ve had success, you’re probably ready to progress to larger bucks. But your region may not have trophy deer.

Best Food Plot for Deer

Best Food Plot for Deer

If you’re getting started with hunting, feeding deer probably hadn’t occurred to you as a strategy. But planting food for your prey can be a

When to Rattle for Bucks

When to Rattle for Bucks

Deer hunters often rattle a pair of shed antlers together to mimic the sound of two bucks (male deer) fighting during the rut. This attracts

How to Find Deer Bedding Areas

How to Find Deer Bedding Areas

Efficiently finding deer is one of the most important parts of hunting. There are many things to consider when searching for deer, and the best

What is a Spike Buck

What Is A Spike Buck?

In the sport of hunting, one can often tell how old a male deer is based on the size and shape of his antlers. The

Where do Deer Sleep at Night

Where Do Deer Sleep at Night?

Whether you’re a hunter, or are simply curious and want to know where do deer sleep at night, you might be surprised to learn that

Do Deer Move in the Wind

Do Deer Move in the Wind?

When preparing for hunting season, one topic that usually sparks debate amongst hunting enthusiasts is whether deer move in the wind. Most hunters would probably

What Does Venison Taste Like

What Does Venison Taste Like?

While venison usually refers to deer meat, some people also use this term for meat from other kinds of animals, such as antelope (and antelope