Fea's Muntjac or Roosevelt's Deer Muntiacus feae

Measurements: Head-Body Length- about 88 cm Tail length- 23 cm Weight- 18-21 kg.

Physical Appearance

Similar in appearance to other Muntjac species. The coat is a dark brown colour, with the under parts being slightly paler. The lower parts of the legs are black. The face is dark brown and has dark black stripes that run from the base of the antlers to the snout. Unlike other Muntjac, the antlers are branched. The hind branch of the antlers is longer than the front branch.



The Fea’s Muntjac is found in south east Asia, where it occurs in China, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. It is thought to be endangered; the main problems it faces are loss of its natural habitat. Deforestation and hunting are a growing threat.



They prefer areas of high mountainous woodland, unlike other Muntjac species they are often seen in more open areas and clearings within the forest. They are often seen close to rivers and streams.



Little is known about the reproductive lifestyle of this species. It is thought to be similar to that of other Muntjac species. The gestation period is about 200 days long.



Is thought to live a mostly solitary life within small well defended territories. They feed mostly on grasses and herbaceous plants found within their mountain homes.