Endangered Deer Species

Endangered Deer Species

Written By: Ian @ World Deer

On this page we’ll share a list of endangered deer species and threatened deer around the globe. Deer become endangered and threatened for a variety of reasons, but the primary culprits are loss of habitat and over-hunting.

Conservation efforts are varied, but the one truth is that proper conservation of deer species relies on good information, which relies on research. Some species of deer that are isolated to remote islands simply have not been studied enough for adequate conservation work to be undertaken.

Other deer that have gone extinct in the wild have actually been preserved thanks to domesticated populations, which were re-introduced to their native habitat. The Pere David’s Deer is a great example of this.

About Endangered and Threatened Classifications for Deer

The World Union of Conservation Scientists, commonly known as the I.U.C.N. lists all threatened species and subspecies, and classifies them in relation to how threatened they are.

The classification used in order of severity is as follows:

  • Not threatened,
  • Conservation dependent,
  • Vulnerable,
  • Endangered,
  • Critically Endangered,
  • Extinct in the Wild, and finally
  • Extinct.

These classifications give an indication of the likelihood of a species becoming extinct in the near future.

Endangered Deer

The following table lists those deer species which are classified as being threatened with extinction by the I.U.C.N. and to which group they belong.

Threatened ClassificationType of Deer
Critically Endangered Deer SpeciesPére David’s Deer
Endangered Deer SpeciesCalamian Deer
Kuhl’s Deer
Philippine Spotted Deer
Sika Deer
Mesophatanian Fallow Deer
South Andean Deer
Vulnerable Deer SpeciesMarsh Deer
White Lipped Deer
Thamin or Eld’s Deer
The Black Muntjac
Southern Pudu
Low Risk Deer Species (not threatened)Moose (Eurasian Elk)
Chinese Water Deer
Northern Pudu
Data Deficient (status unknown)Philippine Sambar
Hog Deer
Tufted Deer
North Andean Deer
Red Brocket
Dwarf Brocket Deer
Brown Brocket Deer
Pygmy Brocket
Yucatan Brown Brocket
Giant Muntjac
Fea’s Muntjac
The Gongshan Muntjac
The Leaf Deer or Leaf Muntjac
Truong Son Muntjac
Extinct Deer SpeciesSchomburgh’s Deer

As you can see, there are a considerable number of deer species which are at some kind of risk of becoming extinct.

Also troubling is the fact that so many species have an unclear or unknown risk status due to a lack of information and research.

Danger in the Tropics

Many of the most threatened and endangered deer species live in tropical parts of the world. Most live in tropical forests of one kind or another.

These species are obviously at threat because the forests that make up their natural home are themselves threatened with deforestation for agricultural development.

In some of the types of deer listed above, some of the subspecies are endangered or threatened while others are not. An example is the Sika Deer. In this table we are not directly considering all of the individual sub-species of each type of deer. For more detailed information please learn more about individual types of deer on our website, or visit the IUCN website.

Picture of By: Ian from World Deer

By: Ian from World Deer

A passionate writer for WorldDeer using the most recent data on all animals with a keen focus on deer species.